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A few months ago I wrote a few articles on the subject of Fintech StartUps. It was during writing these articles that I came across the phenomenon that is Tai Tran, one of the youngest Social Media geniuses out there. Having already worked in a marketing manager role for Samsung and Apple, Tai is a TEDx Speaker, Forbes and LinkedIn Contributor as well as having a string of Awards from Twitter, LinkedIn and Forbes for various online activities, and he’s just turned 24… Now I’m no genius, but if Tai is able to do as well as he has at his modest age, how many more things could we learn from our younger colleagues? People like Tai prove that the younger generation have a wealth of knowledge and skills of their own that they can pass on to their colleagues, mentors and leaders. Millennial marketers, whatever next 😊

In a recent article Tai Tran wrote specifically about publishing Articles on LinkedIn where he suggested that if an Article takes longer than five minutes to read it might not be as successful. Now he tells me…

A few months ago, I started “using” Snapchat. I write “using” in inverted commas, because really, it’s not something I have totally got my head around yet. The stories and the functions within a picture that turn you into a dog-human, etc… still elude me, however I can appreciate the attraction that this application can have to the “younger” generation. To my bemusement though, the world’s largest bank – JPMorgan – is using Snapchat to recruit young employees. Apparently, banks have to convince potential bright, young graduates to join the finance world instead of the seemingly more alluring world of tech. This is all done through “geofilters” on Snapchat, all this to help JPMorgan shake off some of that stuffy banking image.

Now I’m no brain surgeon, but I am starting to wonder how much more complicated this new digital age needs to be! These “geofilters” are a new release by Snapchat, and joins the list of social media advertising channels already available to recruiters. So, if anyone wants to volunteer to show me how this all works, I’d be really appreciative. I bet there are several 20 something year olds out there already working there magic on Snapchat… and I would love to understand how this all works. I would like to add a special mention here to Klaudia Archimowicz and Michalina Jaryst who have been diligently supporting me in learning Snapchat, without these two amazing ladies I would still be stuck in the dark ages 🙂

There really is a lot that can be learnt from the younger generation entering the recruitment market, and who knows, you might be working next to, mentoring or supporting the next Tai Tran! And here comes the next question. How do you manage someone like Tai Tran? How do you make sure they don’t leave when the first Blue Chip Corporation or Media Giant comes knocking? Therein lies the essence of this Article, I strongly believe that Tai Tran is not someone who would adhere to the normal management techniques that many of us were so diligently taught in the 90s and early 00s. Tai Tran is someone who cherishes independence in his role, and who will look up to his manager if that manager shows the characteristics of a role model, or someone who uses continuous improvement as a way to share their knowledge with their team by learning about the Digital world and not just economics. Would Tai Tran be able to create a Business Plan? With the right support, he could probably create one of the best Business Plans in the world… How many recruiters have a hidden talent in this area that has not been uncovered yet? And for that matter, are Business Plans the right way to roadmap the future of your recruitment team or recruitment business?

Now, millennial marketers like Tai Tran will always be offered positions in the market, some of them will be more attractive, others less, than what Tai is currently getting. Do we live in fear of our best talents leaving us? Do we do enough to make sure we are ready if they do choose to leave?

On a final related note, I recently attended a “Fuckup Nights” event where some interesting people in Law, Sport and Social Media presented their “Fuckups”. The event was not filled with horror stories about businesses going wrong (which I was expecting…), but it was still enlightening to hear about different challenges that people face in business. The people attending these events were pre-dominantly millennials and there was a lot of smart phone activity going on during the event. And it made me wonder… Millennials clearly like to hear about the nitty gritty of how it is to lead a team or business. Instead of fearing attrition, perhaps we should tell them of our attrition “Fuckups” and let them lead us more? Worth thinking about 😊

With just over a month to go to Wieczor Rekrutera, it’s time to make sure you have your tickets and submit your applications for Recruiter of the Year, In-house Recruitment Team of the Year, In-house Recruiter of the Year or Employer Branding Campaign of the Year as soon as you can.

This is the Fourth Part of a 5 Part Series of Articles celebrating the History of the Polish Recruitment Industry Awards Ceremony – #WieczorRekrutera – which on 12th October this year will hold its’ 10th Jubilee event in Warsaw. For more information make sure you get in touch with the team at Magazyn Rekruter.

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