The 7 Most Popular Interviews of 2023

One of the things that is very important for the editorial team at Magazyn Rekruter is to ensure that we bring our readers the most valuable stories. Many of these stories are interviews which our editorial team carry out with business leaders. Who in turn have something to offer to the human resources or recruitment industry in Poland. Many of those interviewed are leading figures in their own industry. And many of the interviews are in English. Today we wanted to share with you the 7 most popular interviews of 2023.

Many of our readers represent companies who are looking at the Polish market. Some of them are not fluent in Polish yet. This is the reason that we try to share as much English language content on our site as we can. Because it’s not just what affects those of us who live in Poland and speak Polish. Poland is an integral part of the European Union where there is free movement of workers. It is also a very attractive destination for foreign workers and companies alike.

This year saw the return of the largest recruitment industry event in Poland today, Wieczor Rekrutera. This, in turn, helped us return to some of our partners who supported the event. We also attended Women in Tech Summit as well as the ABSL Summit which both feature in our interviews.

Recruitment Entrepreneur

Very few recruitment companies grow beyond 10 full time employees. But James Caan CBE, Founder, and Chairman of Recruitment Entrepreneur, is very positive about the opportunities for recruitment entrepreneurs in Poland today. The team at Recruitment Entrepreneur have recognized Poland’s startup culture and market maturity as some of the reasons to create a recruitment agency in Poland.

The entry into the Polish market of Recruitment Entrepreneur means there are options for those looking to start their own recruitment company.

Unlike traditional private equity firms, Recruitment Entrepreneur seeks to be a partner in the growth of recruitment businesses without dictating branding or control. Each company remains independent, and Recruitment Entrepreneur invests in recruitment founders while providing support too. And Recruitment Entrepreneur sponsored this years’ Wieczor Rekrutera. In turn meaning that the company played an important part in nurturing the ecosystem in 2023.  

Julia Chatys

Julia Chatys, renowned for her roles in TV series and theatre plays, hosted this year’s Wieczór Rekrutera event. She brought her charisma and captivating energy to make the evening unforgettable.

Julia’s journey to stardom began at the age of 7, and she has since become a versatile artist. Acting, dubbing, and recently, a budding musical career, are where her strengths lie. Importantly, despite her success Julia remains humble.

Miss the event? Find out more, follow this link.

Mariette Richardson

Many of us fear public speaking. But when you work in recruitment or human resources people expect that you have more confidence than most. In 2023 we turned to Mariette Richardson to provide some valuable insights on storytelling, confidence and how best to express oneself.

Non-verbal communication is another thing that Mariette points to in the story. Standing with confidence and having a grounded presence can leave a positive impression.

If you are aspiring to be a woman in the boardroom the story could be particularly important. Especially as Mariette shares her thoughts on addressing exactly that situation.

Wiktor Doktor

One of the most popular searches that people make on Google today is ‘How to do Outsourcing in Poland’. But one of the most important people who have helped develop this topic has been Wiktor Doktor.

From his first reflections of Glasgow as an outsourcing destination, Wiktor shares the now 12-year-old story of how ‘outsourcing portal’ was created in Poland. The history of Pro Progressio and the focus on progress was another topic covered in the interview.

Finally, it’s not long to go till the next edition of the Outsourcing Stars Gala. The Gala has been going for many years. And if you wanted to know more about the biggest players in the Polish outsourcing ecosystem then it’s the place for you.

Agnieszka Biała

In this interview we explored the history of Agnieszka Biała, an experienced Restructuring Expert and Company Director in Poland. She shared some life lessons with our readers and explained how even through diversity you can be successful.

Agnieszka talked about how to earn respect. But she also highlighted how important using your energy was in everything you do. How your energy is finite and must be protected. And she emphasized how you should seize opportunities that come your way. How you can do this all by finding your talents.

Becoming certified led Agnieszka to get the CIMA qualification (financial accounting). This was something that she did prior to becoming one of very few women who are insolvency practitioners in Poland today.

DATEV Opening a new office in Warsaw

Our editorial team had the opportunity to attend this year’s Women in Tech Summit in Warsaw where they sat down with representatives of DATEV, a German software company.

With a catchy video on YouTube (in Polish) that has had more than 2.7 million views so far, the company is visible in some sectors. Working on products to support the German market, the firm are on the lookout for strong software developers and engineers.

In a tech market that has had its challenges in 2023, it was good to see the hunger to develop and grow a team in Poland.

Standard Chartered

This year Magazyn Rekruter partnered with the ABSL Summit that took place in Krakow. Long-term collaborators with our magazine, Standard Chartered‘s representatives were also at the event.

Current CEO in Poland, Anna Urbanska, spoke with our editorial team about Standard Chartered’s fifth year in Poland. In that time the Polish office has grown in global significance as well as raised its headcount to 1300 employees.

But, most importantly, this interview was the most popular in 2023. The interview focuses on the recruitment needs of the future, and not just of today. Anna shared how her team is open to change. They have lots of proposals they share. And they don’t need micro-management. They want to continuously improve. Poland is changing. And Poland’s leaders are looking to the future and embracing the behaviours needed to compete globally.

Going into 2024 we will be looking for more interviews with influential leaders to bring to our readers. This year has been challenging for many of our readers, especially those who have been involved in technology recruiting. But what this year’s stories have highlighted is:

  1. The entrepreneurial appetite of the recruitment and wider employment sector in Poland
  2. A culture of collaboration and networking is in place and growing in Poland.
  3. You can still succeed in the face of diversity if you have the right tools, and you focus on your talent.
  4. Companies are still building new hubs and growing existing hubs in Poland, and this trend doesn’t seem to be stopping.
  5. There are some big events to pencil into your calendar for next year. Not only should the Women in Tech and ABSL Summits be there. Wieczor Rekrutera, Kongres Kadry, Kongres HR Spolek Gieldowych SEG, and a whole host of other events should be in your diary with 2024 in mind!

We hope you enjoy our summary, and we wish all our readers a Happy New Year from the Editorial Team at Magazyn Rekruter.

Author: Andy Samu

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