Who are Poland’s Best Employers?

Each year companies from across the world vie for the title of being the best employer in the country they operate in. As opposed to many other countries though, Poland’s best employers are a topic that has only been around for a couple of decades. In some other countries these initiatives have been guiding the employment market for much longer.

Why is it important to be the best employer? Is it just another CSR initiative a company can participate in? Or is it an integral part of our metaverse future?

The answer is simple. When recruiting, everybody always wants to be a part of something ‘special’. To work for the most innovative company in each space. They want to be part of building something that the wider economy is interested in. And to work with the best people in the market.

Naturally, HR and recruitment people are no exception. They both want to work for the best employers too. And in the case of HR and recruitment, they can even have input on whether their company can be a ‘best employer’.

Various institutions analyse the market to find the best employers in Poland. And last year Forbes joined the list of these institutions.

Forbes also runs an initiative highlighting the ‘Diamonds of Forbes’ in Poland. In the report they showcase some of the most profitable and innovative companies by region of Poland. And, much like the ’Diamonds of Forbes’ report, the Best Employers report is also divided into categories. This time by industry sectors and not regions.

Who are the best employers in Poland according to Forbes?

You can find quite a lot of the winners posting about their success on Twitter. But a full overview of the list is available online.

Winners of the automotive and related industries sector were BMW, followed closely by Michelin and Bosch.

In the construction industry Drutex won. Then came Ceramika Paradyz and Unibep. Interestingly companies that some would have expected to win, like Budimex or Skanska, still came in amongst the Top 10. But neither of them were able to break into the Top 3.

The winners of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology category were AstraZeneca. Followed by PolPharma and Apteka Gemini. Again, industry giants Bayer were not able to break into the Top 3.

In the Oil & Gas, mining, and related sectors, the winners were Grupa Azoty. They were followed by BP and Grupa Lotos. Shell, a firm who often win awards, came in 8th.

Winners of the electronics and computing sectors were Samsung. Closely followed by Siemens and General Electric. Interestingly, Apple didn’t come up on the list, or anywhere in any of the categories.

Mlekpol won in the FMCG segment. Here Colgate-Palmolive and Carlsberg came in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

When it comes to banks, ING Bank were the standout winners. Bank Millennium and Allianz came in quite a long way behind the Dutch bank.

Finally, Google won the IT category. Microsoft and Cisco came in just behind. With Poland’s infamous CD Projekt coming in 4th. Not bad when you consider the company they are keeping.

The list is quite exhausting. However, of all the companies that were analysed, those in the IT sector had the best results. Google, Microsoft and Cisco would have won the survey as Top 3 across all of the sectors represented in Poland, by survey results. Confirming a tendency of tech companies who offer the best employee experience. How does the list compare to other best employer lists in Poland though?

Who are the best employers in Poland according to Kincentric?

Many years ago, AON Hewitt used to complete a worldwide programme to decide which companies enjoy the best reputation.

Our readers will be more familiar with the survey as ‘Best Employer.’ Today, the survey may not be carried out by AON Hewitt anymore. However, the name has stayed the same. In its’ place, Kincentric now continue the project to identify companies that create the most engaging workplaces. Kincentric is a Spencer Stuart company. Spencer Stuart acquired part of AON’s business that provided leadership assessment and talent advisory services on the market. This is now Kincentric.

There is no clear annual winner listed for Poland on the Kincentric site. There are, however, numerous companies across Poland who have proudly shared their Best Employer status. These companies proudly share social media posts about how they have been identified by Kincentric Best Employers as a company that creates the most engaging workplace.

Where is the best workplace in Poland according to Great Place to Work?

Each year companies in Poland and around the world are surveyed by the 'Great Place to Work.’ Taking part in the survey in order to be recognized as an employer of choice. The initiative has been going on globally for over 40 years and has a unique methodology.

Winners of the survey are divided into three categories. These are: More than 500, Under 500 and Under 50. Companies in the first two categories may be familiar to our readers. Runners up in the More than 500 segment are Cisco, who also feature prominently in the Forbes rankings.

The winners, however, were Sii from the IT sector. Akamai came third, also representing the IT sector.

The winners of the Under 500 category were Idego Group from Gdynia. Lower in the rankings came companies such as Adecco and Volvo for example.

Who are the ‘other’ best employers in Poland?

This year Top Employers Institute gave 73 companies in Poland the prestigious title of Top Employer 2022. Of the firms from the Forbes report, ING Bank are the only one that appears in the Top 3 of the Forbes report as well as in the list of Top Employers.

Globally, it is a slightly different story though:

Our readers may also remember the recent survey undertaken by Antal in Poland. The Antal initiative is relatively new, and we hope that with time it will grow in popularity.

Outsourcing Stars, Gazelle Biznesu, there are many other categories for companies and employers to win awards. Often these awards address specific categories of companies though. Meaning that reviewing them wouldn’t necessarily mean we would find the answer to the question which is ‘Who are Poland’s Best Employers?’

Who are the best employers in Poland according to Universum.

Finally, Universum publish employer rankings in an annual survey. Running for over 30 years now, Universum works with over 2000 universities, including in Poland, to gather results. The most recent survey is from 2021.  

Winners of the Business / Commerce, Humanities / Liberal Arts / Education, and IT categories is Google. Of all three categories. There are only seven categories in total. Google also ranks in the Top 5 across the other four sectors. Microsoft and Apple turn up well placed in some of the rankings too, but neither of them comes close to Google. Students clearly have an appetite for Tech, or Big Tech as seems to be the case.

In answer to the question. Poland’s best employer is clearly Google. Otherwise, Cisco, ING Bank, Microsoft, CD Projekt and a few others top the rankings. Which are dominated by technology companies.

Whatever the differences between the different accreditations and certifications received by the surveyed companies, they have one thing in common. They are aspiring to prove to the market that they are trying to be better. For this reason, as well as others, they should all be encouraged.

In the not-too-distant future, which might be the metaverse, things like being a Top Employer will most likely become even more crucial to companies. Employees, clients, and suppliers are all looking for reassurance that they are working with the right type of company.

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